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Joy Em's wedding canvas.jpg


Joy was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. After moving to Australia she graduated from the School of Art at the University of Tasmania. Layers, texture, tone and form have always been of paramount interest to Joy.

She has found Tasmania an inspirational location to work and experiment with various media, including drawing, collagraphs, lithography, etching, collage, silkscreen, monoprints, polymer clay, textiles, ceramics, papier-mâché, paint and wire.

Award winning artist Joy has shared her knowledge with students in Tasmanian High Schools. She has also been invited to conduct workshops and has held successful solo, joint and group exhibitions. Her work can be seen at galleries throughout Australia. Joy has received a number of commissions from overseas clients.

Joy’s love of creating items is evident in her wire work as well as her frog and lizard jewellery. Pieces are uniquely designed and available for you to enjoy as wearable art or relief sculptures. 

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